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Congratulations to Mary Gotovich, one of our favorite friends of Mecox - and one of the most creative garden designers in the Hamptons - as well as she is a Mecox vendor!

Mary Gotovich of MTG Design, Ltd of East Hampton was awarded the Blue Ribbon at the venerable annual garden planter competition at Longhouse Reserve. Presented by P.Allen Smith, an award-winning garden designer, best selling book author and host of two nationally syndicated television programs, Mary's design was a creative use of both unusual plant material as well as her beautiful eglomise outdoor garden mirrors. Mecox has several of her beautiful mirrors on sale in Mecox Southampton and Mary's design demonstrated how her mirrors can make a magical garden statement even in a small space.

The annual competition is held at LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton, the ingenious garden and living art exhibition created by internationally know fabric designer Jack Lenor Larson.

Mirror, mirror ... in the garden?.




A raw angle iron framed Eglomise Garden Mirror by Mary Gotovich in Mecox Gardens, Southampton & East Hampton, New York

Mirrors by nature are utilitarian objects, used almost exclusively in indoor settings to provide a quick glance of one's reflection or perhaps to accent a room. But they can also be beautiful decorative focal points in the garden, according to landscape designer Mary Gotovich. The East Hampton resident, known for her artistic use of reflective materials, said during the course of two recent interviews—one at Mecox Gardens in Southampton and one at her home—that her creations are more about beauty and art and less about utility. (full article and U-Tube demonstration video can be seen online).

Much Ado About Madoo

Cottage Garden

Cottage GardenCottage Garden

Cottage GardenCottage Garden

Birthday Boy Robert, 80 years young.

The Madoo Conservancy held a daylong celebration of artist and gardener Robert Dash’s 80th birthday. Events included a garden market, lectures and topiary classes followed by an early evening cocktail party and live auction in the garden.

Event co chair Mac Hoak with landscape designer, artist & stylist Mary Gotovich

Gotovich, of M.T.G DESIGN, ltd., designed and installed a tremendous vignette to represent the very best of Mecox on the grounds at Madoo in Wainscot, NY as part of the celebration.