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 Custom Eglomise Mirrors
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   Custom Eglomise Mirrors for Home and Garden

Eglomise is an ancient technique of creating a soft, mirrored surface by the application of hammered, extremely thin sheets of various metal leaf to the back side of glass..

We offer custom eglomise mirror using pure Italian silver leaf, 12K
white gold leaf and pale 18K yellow gold.

M.T.G. DESIGN, ltd. will create a completed piece, frame and mirror.
We also work with interior decorators and home owners to create
a custom eglomise mirror to fit any frame of their choosing.

These mirrors are created with silver-like metal leaf. Although the
edges are sealed and water tight, we recommend some
protection from the elements.

Our customers all rave about a special quality of our stained glass mirrors. If placed where the sun or light source will shine directly onto the mirror, a beam of colored light will shoot out across the room/deck/etc for a lovely and dramatic effect.

It’s extremely difficult to capture the delicate, soft reflective surface of these mirrors in photographs. Samples are available upon request for a nominal fee of  $5.00 each, refundable with a purchase/custom order.

The photographs will indicate if a piece is available for sale or only for custom order.

All custom orders are a final sale.

Inquires from interior decorators and landscape designers are welcomed.